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Тема: Каковы ваши ожидания от крупнейшей в Китае производственной базы подшипников?

26.08.18 в 09:03
Linqing Xingguang Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the development, production and sales of ball bearings and roller bearings. Now we focus on commercial wheel hub bearings, agricultural machinery bearings, engineering machinery bearings and so on. At the same time, we are also responsible for machining deep groove ball bearings, which are the most commonly used bearings, with a variety of designs, deformations and sizes, and various insert bearing mounting units.
Our company is located in Shandong Linqing Yandian Bearing Industrial Park. We have complete manufacturing and testing equipment, fast installation, beautiful appearance, flexible operation, stable performance, low operating costs and other advantages have been recognized by more and more customers.
Since its establishment, the company has continuously introduced advanced technology and excellent engineers at home and abroad, and is committed to developing “high-tech, first-class, alternative import” bearings with competitive prices. We have established strategic and reliable partnerships with companies such as Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Africa and Egypt.
With the principle of “high quality, super power, competitive price, technological innovation and excellent service”, quality and service are the soul of our company, which is why we can attract many customers all over the world. More importantly, we are doing our best to provide a full range of after-sales services, consider the concerns of our customers, and worry about what our customers are worried about. We promise that our customers can get the best benefits with minimal risk.
We sincerely hope to establish trustworthy long-term cooperative relationships with customers all over the world, and work together for common development!

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